NaNo Update

I’m ending tonight at 48,043 words. I’m so excited to make my word count tomorrow and even more excited not to have one on Dec. 1st. I feel very successful and very rung out. 

“Hang me out to dry, you’ve rung me out to to too many times.”

-Cold War Kids

NaNo Update 

I have 33,006 words written as of today. I feel like I’m at the end of a marathon that I’ve been sprinting through and I didn’t save any energy for the end. I’ll finish but this is  the struggle. 

Beta Readers!

Hey Guys!

So I’m going to a conference at the end of January. There will be agents there to pitch to by appointment. This obviously means I need to finish my manuscript. 

I’m curious if anyone would be willing to Beta read for me. I’d be looking for four basic observations: moments when it is awesome, moments when it is boring, whenever it is confusing and whenever it is unbelievable. 

Let me know if you’re interested. Also if you have any inside scoop on proper etiquette in these appointments please comment. 

Thank you!

NaNo Update

I ended writing at 24,004 words. It feels so successful!

This is the point in the project where I become convinced that it’s not an interesting story and switch to a different project or something along those lines, but this time I have a deadline. Things I didn’t plan for are happening and things I thought would be larger are not, but it’s happening like it needs to.

A good friend of mine started reading what I have so far, and she texted me out of the blue to tell me that she loves it, that my main character is awesome and she’s eating it up. My stomach flipped like I was going downhill. I needed that confidence.

Good luck to the rest of you kids!

NaNoWriMo Update 

The novel is coming along great. I’m all done with the first act and almost done with the second act. I’m not writing linear, but I’m not jumping around  that much. 

I finished yesterday at 17,853 words. I’m trying to gain ground, it’s looking more possible to end the story in 32,147 words than it did a couple days ago. I’m sure a major edit I will have is, “The pacing is jarring.”

Good luck to the rest of you!