You and Me in Quarantine

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Billie and Edgar have never been on the best of terms. She probably shouldn’t have been at his house in the first place, but she definitely should not have been there just as a shelter in place order goes into effect. She’s at the mercy of his hospitality, which is annoyingly generous. Forcing her to question everything she thought she knew about him. Every day brings new discoveries about the man behind the arrogance she thought she hated and makes resisting her newfound attraction to him a losing battle.

Just Fake Married

Coming June 6, 2022!

Owen is a shy veterinarian at a dog shelter when an exuberant volunteer’s persistent attempts to set Owen up with his daughter pushes Owen to use a strange tactic. He concocts a story about having eloped to get the man to leave it alone.

Emmeline is a saleswoman at the large equipment company that her dad and uncle started when she was young. Her uncle’s retirement leads her to inherit one of his largest clients. But the new client refuses to work with an unmarried woman.

In a panic, she lies that she recently eloped—an idea she wouldn’t have considered before her friend Owen confided about his con. At an NYE party, Owen and Emmeline discover that the volunteer and her uncle are the same person. Now, they have a couple of weeks to keep the ruse up until announcing their amicable divorce.

Except, the longer they pretend to be married the more deeply their feelings run. But can those feelings survive under the strain of so many lies?

Banded Together

Coming July 6, 2022!

Miles Joins Cece’s band, but they’ve got a history that threatens to break the band up. Tensions rise, and despite that, there’s more heat between them than the stage lights.

Marty Vee is a top-notch writer with dynamic and lyrical prose.

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