Just Fake Married

Coming November 11, 2022!

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Two lies and a fake marriage later…

Veterinarian Owen could blame being shy, but telling a donor at work that he’s married was… a mistake. Now, he has to figure out how to get out of the lie. And it doesn’t help that also told Emmeline, the woman he can’t stop thinking about, the whole misguided tale.

Emmeline can’t believe Owen, possibly the hottest man alive, lied about his marital status, but then when her client refuses to work with an unmarried woman, she did the exact same thing. She’s desperate to keep her falsehood quiet as she figures out how to not become the saleswoman who made up a husband in her very male-dominated field.

When Emmeline’s and Owen’s worlds unexpectedly collide, they need to double down on their stories or watch them explode in their faces.

As the deception grows so does their attraction, but can their relationship survive under the weight of so many lies?

Banded Together

Coming 2023!

Miles Joins Cece’s band, but they’ve got a history that threatens to break the band up. Tensions rise, and despite that, there’s more heat between them than the stage lights.

Truth or Daire

Love and Embezzlement Book 1

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Serena Jackson falls hard when handsome stranger Daire O’Dowd swoops in as her skirt and the Windy City conspire against her. But as she’s flying high, he turns out to be her new subordinate—and completely off-limits. Canceling their date is easier than ignoring her desire for him, which only grows more intense as the months tick by.

When Serena discovers someone is embezzling from the PR firm they work at, it seems as if Daire might be the #1 suspect. Struggling not to fall head-over-heels in love with the handsome Irishman starring in all of her fantasies, Serena must determine whether he’s innocent or guilty.

Daire has a secret—and it’s concealed better than the lust he has for his boss. Keeping it hidden grows harder when an unfortunate booking error forces them to share a room… And a bed.

Can they resist temptation so delicious?

You and Me in Quarantine

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Billie and Edgar have never been on the best of terms. She probably shouldn’t have been at his house in the first place, but she definitely should not have been there just as a shelter in place order goes into effect. She’s at the mercy of his hospitality, which is annoyingly generous. Forcing her to question everything she thought she knew about him. Every day brings new discoveries about the man behind the arrogance she thought she hated and makes resisting her newfound attraction to him a losing battle.

All Roads to Carter

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He’s got her all turned around…

Ten years ago, Margo Reynolds and her high school crush, Carter James, didn’t kiss. It didn’t derail their friendship, but she didn’t forget it either.

She returns to her hometown a failure, and yet he’s hotter than ever. The boy who drove her crazy has become the man who drives her wild.

Can she open herself up to the possibilities Carter offers, when she feels hollowed out from abandoning her dream of acting? A dream that has taken so much from her and left her with no idea what path to take.

Marty Vee is a top-notch writer with dynamic and lyrical prose.

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