It’s Not That Hard

So Writer’s Block is a real thing. For about two weeks now, I have sat down at my computer and stared at the screen until my eyes are bleeding out of my head and nothing happens. No words on the page. My process is to work on two different stories at once. I write on one for a month or so and then switch, this usually keeps me interested. Apparently, not right now.

I tried switching gears, I wrote some blog posts and that felt great. The words spilled from me. Sometimes when I write, it feels like someone is slowly turning on a faucet. Letters will trickle out and form words. This was not one of those times. Fully realized thoughts erupted from the page and made coherent sense. I thought that would mean I could return to my novels and make some progress. But I thought wrong.

Okay, I’m a problem solver. How about I do some editing? My completed pages are on the chopping block. I’m slashing out words with focused determination. Sentences are being restructured like my life depends on it. And as a whole the piece is looking better. I’m sure this means that my writing will pick up again, but no you fool! No words for you!

About the only thing, I haven’t tried is writing a short story of two. So I guess that’s next.

My aggravation is acuter, because I came up with another idea and I know that I would blink and scenes would be done. But I can’t switch to that book until one of these two is completed. And I can’t finish either of these novels until the words are written. Don’t you see, it’s a trap?

Such a bummer.

Anyway, if this isn’t the ramblings of first world problems, then I don’t know what is. Excuse me while I flush clean drinking water down the toilet.


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