Reading the Red Wedding 

This blog will contain spoilers, for George R.R. Martin’s Storm of Swords. So if you’re one of those weirdos, like my husband, who has not read or watched this series then stop reading blogs and pick up these books.

I’m down for reading dark subject matter and A Song of Ice and Fire has a strong hold in the darkness. So I start Game of Thrones and I am instantly devouring the series. Martin makes it clear he doesn’t care about the reader’s feelings, but it can’t all be depressing…

It’s 3 am and I’m working through the pages of Storm of Swords. My husband had a meeting out of town, it’s just the cats and me at home. Laying on my bed with the hardcover open on the pillow next to me, I follow Arya and The Hound’s progress to reunite her with her mom and brother. I’m considering closing the book, I’m so tired and I’ve been reading for hours. But they are so close to one another. Martin is changing POV and due to my mental state, I’m a little discombobulated by it. I’m going to power through, there will be this beautiful moment to fall asleep to. Arya will finally be safe with her big brother and her mother will hold her and I’ll submit to sleep on lovely feelings.

I turn too many pages and there is blood everywhere. Woah, that is definitely reading for tomorrow. I get back to the right page and keep reading. Man, Martin is milking this. I turn the page again… And blood is everywhere! God, no! Please, no. They were so close. Everyone’s dead, even the dog. Why always with the dog?

My God, Hound, don’t kill her! Oh, thank God. Arya, stop fighting him, just go with him.

Tears stream down my face. It all hits too hard from the sleep deprivation and I close the book, curl up into a sad ball and wait for terrible dreams.

Everyone’s dead…

I heard this joke:

George R.R. Martin, Joss Whedon and Martin Scorsese walk into a bar. And kill everyone you love.

Are there any moments you remember reading? What stories got the most reaction out of you?



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