Books That Travel

It’s 3am and I’m sitting in Detroit airport. I’ve never seen it so quiet; not that I have a lot of experience with airports. But I can hear the escalators and the nonlabored breathing of a man ten feet away from me. 

My husband is in search of a vending machine, we didn’t eat before the drive and kept on deciding to wait. “We will just eat at the airport,” we said… The deli doesn’t open until 6, when our flight is. 

POPTARTS! So, that’s better now. 

In the quiet and strange atmosphere I started thinking about books. Of course. Books that have travel in them. 

There’s loads of traveling in all different forms in The Eye of the World Series. On horse back they evade persurers. There are magical ways of travel and they continue to rediscover Those abilities. 

The Night Circus moves around the world; an enchanted train carting lovely exhibits. There are prominent characters in London and Germany and the United States. Their stories tied together by the circus’ meandering. 

The Dovekeepers by Alice Hoffman tells the story of Jewish refugees wondering in the time of Roman prosecution. It is one of the most devastating books I have ever read, using the eloquence of the prose to both enhance the pain and encase it in beauty. 

Mark Watney has fantastic scenes of travel in The Martian. It’s made that much more intense by the fact that he’s traveling all over Mars and then, you know, on a spaceship. I throughly loved this book and strongly suggest it. I’m very excited to see the movie on Monday!

I’d love to hear about any stories you love that travel is important in. 



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