My Hiatus 

To the WordPress world, 

I feel that after months of silence I should admit, I’ve fallen into a deep hole. In this hole my brain has been devoured by something called “pregnancy brain,” which is by the way a real thing (I read the word “comedy” as “come-dee” the other day,) and a thing called “nesting.” What this means is I have NO idea what’s happening around me and I’m obsessed with planning for the inevitable upheaval of my life. And to my little blog, I have to accept that this will be a time of infrequent posts that I’m sure will remain infrequent for some time after the new addition to the family gets here.

Now after I’ve instilled in you the upmost confidence in my brain’s functioning capacities and my ability to time manage, I would like to extend an offer to any of my fiction writing pals. I want to work on my developmental editing skills. If you have a short story or novel you would like critiques on, please leave me a comment or email me at I read and enjoy every genre. 

So friends good luck! 

Marty Vee



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