Blogging Struggles

I want to blog, let’s make that clear. I see the value in using this medium and connecting with other writers. Here’s what’s happening: I’m a stay at home mom, starting my Real Estate Agent business and I’m writing. Those three tasks don’t leave a lot of time for anything else. So as I sit here, I’m surrounded by a messy house and I really need to exercise (aside from the importance of physical activity, we are also going to Hawaii in February for a friend’s wedding.)
In that mess of priorities, where do I make time to blog? With my novel, I’m averaging 292 words per day. Meaning that it’ll be around the middle of December before the first draft is complete. I keep reminding myself that at least I will complete the first draft this year. But my goal setting, competitive nature is struggling with the slow pace.
Like most creative types, I struggle with organization and time management. I could be better with time productivity. My biggest problem though, is I get excited about one thing and focus much of my time and energy to it. In the midst of that single-minded obsession, I lose track of my other goals. Except writing, at least that has become enough of a pattern in my life that I can expect to average those words.
I don’t have a great resolution to this issue of mine, other than trying to distribute my time better. If you have any suggestions of ways to do this, please let me know. I hope that all your efforts are paying off.


  1. I’ve often marveled at what mothers are able to do. My niece is in a similar situation. Two kids, trying to get a business off the ground, be there for her husband (as he is for her) keep the house together (as husband assists), and in the midst of all of this, she decides she wants to raise chickens for the free-range eggs. Are you kidding?

    So my hat is off to you mothers who somehow find the energy to do other things. It sounds like you have your priorities straight. First things first. The blog can be that place where you post your moment of inspiration, those fifteen minutes you find in your week to share something good.

    And guess what? All that background noise in your life is invisible to us. Unless you want to make it visible and then you have a really good post. But all we see are your elegant words. Share when you can and don’t worry about it. We’ll be here.


      • I will. I learned last night that she gave up on the chickens. Two were taken by predators, one just disappeared, and she gave the last one away. Back to supermarket eggs, which, all things considered, is the reasonable way to go.


  2. I feel like everyone questions whether their efforts are paying off or not, but we just need to remember how it makes you feel; Are you going to be happy when you will complete a task, if yes, then it is definitely worth it, no matter when you manage to complete it! Good Luck

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