Ah! Current Projects

I’m an aggressively goal oriented person–I don’t usually make concrete goals or I get a bit obsessive (they become the only thing I think about or talk about. If you were looking for a friend that never shuts up about word count and the struggles in their work-in-progress then, Baby Cakes, I’m the friend for you!) But even with the hell fire that was 2020, I had a couple breakthroughs in my writing: I finished a novella and a manuscript.

I’ve always struggled to complete a first drafts. My computer is full of partial stories. Through a combination of escapism, focus and a beautiful support group I was able to break the cycle.

Now, I have concrete goals written down for 2021–I already need to revisit them because I forgot about an anthology I’m submitting to. It’s a whole thing. But what I really want to talk about are the projects I’m working on now! (See, whether you wanted that friend or not, here I am.)

  1. Friends to Lovers short story for Violet Gaze anthology. They are an inclusive British based small press. This will be their third romance trope themed anthology. Last year they published “Only One Bed” (so good) and on February third they will release “Enemies to Lovers” (yes, please!)
  2. Fake Relationship manuscript. I love my heroine and hero, they’re just the cutest. They have really fun and playful but dry banter and I adore them. (I’ve been writing it in third person and I think I’m going to switch to first person, I feel that my voice fits better there.)
  3. Banded Together edits. This is my full length novel that I finished last year. Like any draft she’s in need of lots of tender love and care but I’m really proud of her. Here’s a link to an excerpt I shared a few months back: https://martyvee.com/2020/07/30/excerpt-from-banded-together-working-title/

2021 is a year of preparation for me. I’ve got big and exciting plans for 2022 and I won’t be able to do any of it without the foundation I’m building now. (Don’t mind me, I’m just over here feeling the pressure and obsessing like mad.) I’m super pumped.

If you want to know what’s coming next, or hear embarrassing stories about me, sign up for my newsletter! I’m still figuring out how to add a form in the meantime if you email me at martyveeauthor@gmail.com I’ll put you on the list.

Thanks for reading my rambles!


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