Horn Tootin’!

My short story All Roads to Carter will be included in Violet Gaze Press’ Friends to Lovers Vol 2! I’m really excited. Like, stupid excited. Like, find myself randomly smiling whenever I think about it, excited.

I’ve known since April, but I haven’t shared the news or my excitement. Its been a struggle to figure out why–I’m sure there’s some complicated self-realization that needs to happen. I won’t do that here. Instead, let me just tell you I’m super excited.

This will be my first published piece. I’ve been writing for forever, but in the past I never really finished anything I started. Breaking that cycle has been one of my proudest accomplishments.

At some point this month Ali, the lovely editor at Violet Gaze Press will send me the suggested edits. I’m looking forward to how the story will grow from our collaboration. I’ve read other stories from VGP and they were really well done.

I’ll share when we have a release date and all the important details.

Design was done by me and does not represent Violet Gaze Press

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